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Digital shop window: The innovative shopping experience

Digitalisation in retail: create a special shopping experience at the point of sale
Find your concept

Succes factors for your digital shop window


Offer a modern shopping experience that stands out from the crowd.


Seamlessly connect online and offline to reach customers everywhere.

Customer loyalty

Increase your customer loyalty through experiences and added value.


Inspire your customers and influence their purchasing decision.

24/7 usability

Provides your customers with valuable touchpoints around the clock.


Use a smooth discount system without paperwork.

"The slot machine is always a highlight during promotions in the shopping centre! Our visitors queue up to take part. We had more than 1100 users on two days and were able to determine the exact number of prizes"

Janine Heuck
Center Management, ECE – Sophienhof

Your way to a digital shop window

First call
A 30-minute call to analyse your needs and recommend a solution.
We develop a customised concept based on your requirements.
You receive a graphic design of your game.
We develop your customised game.
A test phase with correction loops for adjustments and optimisation.
Launch your project, delight your customers and experience success.

In direct comparison

Analogue advertising
Digital advertising
Digital advertising
with gamification
Print, TV, radio Online banners, social media ✓ Interactive gamification
Low engagement Medium commitment, no interaction ✓ High level of engagement through interaction
Low competitive advantage Modernisation and digitalisation ✓ Unique approach stands out strongly
Limited measurability Measurability in real time ✓ Success and interaction measurable
You want gamification for your store?
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