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Ready to go!

It's easy to build a connection with your customers

Scan & Start

Your smartphone is the controller for the public screen

Direct connection

Simply scan the QR code and the mobile phone connects to the screen.

Immediate participation

A button, joystick or slider appears on the mobile phone to play the game

Personal reward

After participating, players receive information or vouchers directly on their mobile phones.

Play now!

This is how interactive experience marketing with mobile phone control works

From playing to buying

With a call-to-action (CTA), you turn players into customers

CTA 1: Info

Tell players about your offer and direct them to your website.

CTA 2: Voucher

Create a personal purchase incentive that players can redeem on site.

CTA 3: Contact

Get to know your players and stay in touch with them.

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We would be happy to plan your brand experience:

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