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Modern recruiting:
Gamification at the job fair

Modern recruiting strategies: Use gamification to present yourself as an innovative employer and attract talents
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Succes factors for modern recruiting


Use innovative technology that takes your recruiting process to a new level.


Benefit from a digital solution that creates an efficient recruiting process.


Present your benefits in a playful way and strengthen your employer brand.

At eye level

Create an experience that takes away potential applicants' fear of the interview.

Competitive advantage

Set yourself apart from your competitors with innovative recruiting strategies

Independent of age

Appeal to all age groups and create a pleasant atmosphere in the recruitment process.

The career runner is a great point of action at job fairs. We have an easy conversation starter with young visitors and communicate our employer benefits in a playful way. This is how modern recruiting works today!

Saskia Ebert
Personalrecruitung, Stadtwerke Kiel AG

Your way to modern recruiting

First call
A 30-minute call to analyse your needs and recommend a solution.
We develop a customised concept based on your requirements.
You receive a graphic design of your game.
We develop your customised game.
A test phase with correction loops for adjustments and optimisation.
Launch your project, delight your customers and experience success.

In direct comparison

Analogue recruiting
Digital recruiting
Recruiting with
Manual and time-consuming Efficient and time-saving ✓ Interactive, time-saving and appealing
Anonymous adverts Very distanced, one advert of many ✓ Personal contact at eye level
Limited attention  Easily overlooked, filtered ✓ High attention, remains in the memory
Low competitive advantage Modern recruiting technology ✓ Unique approach stands out
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