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Inspire your audiance
with interactive experience marketing
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Experience marketing meets gamification

Your smartphone is the controller for the public screen

At trade fairs, in retail and recruiting
Offer your target group an unforgettable experience: With your own game, you will inspire visitors and create unique brand loyalty.

Play to win

Interactive experience marketing is:

1. Quick & easy

Ready, set, play! Scan the QR code and players will experience your brand on the public screen.

2. Effective

After the game, send your Call to Action directly to the phone and turn players into customers.

3. Measurable

Play it safe: You will receive a detailed evaluation of the success figures for your game.

Happy customers

At trade fairs, in retail and recruiting

"We used our game in Cologne, Nuremberg, Singapore and Barcelona. We impressed visitors with the campaign and collected many lead contacts. It's also great that we can now use the game at all future trade fairs!"

Jan Treutler
Event Manager, OVHcloud

"The slot machine is always a highlight during promotions in the shopping centre! Our visitors queue up to take part. We had more than 1100 users on two days and were able to determine the exact number of prizes."

Janine Heuck
Center Management, Sophienhof Kiel

"The Career Runner is a great point of action at job fairs. We have an easy conversation starter with young visitors and communicate our employer benefits in a playful way. That's how modern recruiting works today!"

Saskia Ebert
Personalrecruitung, Stadtwerke Kiel AG

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